Commerce success relies on one thing – SALES !

Ecommerce stores have grew year on year over the last decade and they are only set to increase !

Whether you are a small or large retailer, we have an effective ecommerce solution for you that tracks every customer journey.

What type of products does your ecommerce store offer ?

There are many routes to market when it comes to ecommerce – each with their own pros and cons, listed below are a few routes to ecommerce success;

Ecommerce SEO 

Optimizing your website for the search engines is a must if you have an Ecommerce store. Generally speaking Ecommerce websites are more powerful in terms of ranking ability as there are more pages and more information on the website as a whole.

There are many things to consider when carrying out SEO on an Ecommerce website, some of these include;

Keyword research – It is essential that the correct keywords are targeted and that they are targetted by the correct pages on the website. For example higher volume keywords will be harder to get your Ecommerce website ranked for, therefore the home page or parent pages (category pages) are best targeting the higher volume keywords as they will naturally have more inbound links.

Content – Content is king ! However many Ecommerce websites simply upload a CSV file for their product uploads which will automatically publish content which has already been indexed by Google. Changing or adding to content especially where CSV uploads are concerned is a must and can often result in some quick SEO wins.

Meta information – The basics, ensuring that every page including all product pages on your Ecommerce website have relevant, targeted, meta information.

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